Urban Landscapes

The Day All The Newspapers Came

The Day All The Newspapers Came We had a problem with the newspaper not being delivered. I called the paper a few times, then finally, one morning they brought ALL the newspapers. Buy now

Hillcrest Dawn, San Diego

Hillcrest Painting San Diego The view from my old studio window- truth be told, it is rare I see the sunrise. For sale

Donna's Dead Grass

Donna's Dead Grass My friend Donna just moved to a new house, where the grass promptly died in intriguing shapes. She was upset, but I love it. Buy Now

Villa Montezuma, Victorian Mansion in San Diego

Villa Montezuma Victorian Mansion Sherman Heights Historic San Diego A detail of the Villa Montezuma, a Victorian mansion covered with gables, spires, dragon gargoyles, and inventive decorations like this twisting trim. It's said to be haunted- and the ghost tour bus drives by every night promptly at 11.for sale
While I was painting this, two different neighbors offered their opinions about the ghosts. She said yes, there are ghosts in the mansion, he said no, never seen one in 10 years- you be the judge. Villa Montezuma Plein Air This was part of the "Great American Paint Out" with the Oil Painters of America. It's always fun meeting other painters and today's group paint was no exception. Villa Montezuma In addition to the great old mansion, Sherman Heights where we met has beautiful city and bay views. Villa Montezuma Villa Montezuma

Trash Cans in San Clemente

Trash Cans in San Clemente, California I liked the placement of these black trash cans, blue recycling bin, and mysterious brown bins in front of a Mid Century block in San Clemente, California. Buy now

A Strangely Painted Wall, San Diego

Urban Painting Graffiti San Diego What can I say here? My guess is someone covered up graffiti with patches of random color, but maybe it's just an awesome art wall. For sale

Painting of a Cat in the Yard

Went to La Jolla to paint the ocean, but wound up painting this cat instead.

Unkempt Garages, San Diego

Unkempt Garages, San Diego Painting Hillcrest- buy now
I'm not sure if anyone could park in these sagging things.

Point Loma San Diego Watercolor

Point Loma San Diego Watercolor Painting Water, hill, and houses- buy now
On Point Loma, painted from a pizza place on the harbor.
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