Urban Landscapes

San Diego Skyline Painting

San Diego Skyline Painting Golden Hill View of Downtown San Diego painted from Golden Hill Park. for sale
Great views from this park- I love the crisscrossing freeways and the skyscrapers.

San Diego Coronado Bridge Watercolor

San Diego Coronado Bridge Watercolor Painting This morning we took donuts to the bay. This is the painting (for sale).
Donut Bar And these are the donuts.

Parking Lot Palms, Escondido

Parking Lot Palm Trees Escondido San Diego Painting Commerce + Industry in Escondido - buy now

Hillcrest Skyline, San Diego

Hillcrest San Diego Painting Art Painted en plein air, from the roof of 24 Hour Fitness in Hillcrest. for sale

Cypresses in the Alley, San Diego

Cypress Alley San Diego Urban Painting I liked the way the shadows fell here. buy now

Santa Barbara Alley

Santa Barbara Alley Painting A quiet alley in beautiful Santa Barbara. for sale

San Diego Fog Palms

San Diego Fog Palms Fog in Hillcrest, San Diego. For sale

Coronado Bay Bridge Sailboats

San Diego Bay Sailboats Coronado Bridge 2 steel gray days in a row, but the sun came back this afternoon. Buy now
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