Urban Landscapes

Ocean Beach Painting, Bougainvillea in the Alley

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego Bougainvillea Powerlines I love big, wild bunches of bougainvillea, and I paint it whenever I can. buy now

Orange Prius Twins, South Park San Diego

Orange House, Orange Priuses South Park San Diego for sale This painting happened sort of by accident but it is also staged. Let me explain. I was painting in Balboa Park, a painting of some trees. And I drove home a different way than usual , through South Park. I saw this orange house and thought, what a great orange house. Then I saw the orange Prius parked in front of the orange house and I thought, Ha! So then I parked MY orange Prius up the hill behind and painted this.

Bi-Rite, Mission, San Francisco

Bi Rite Bi-Rite San Francisco Mission Dolores St We picked up lunch here at the Bi-Rite on the way to the Legion of Honor. buy now Julia asked the worker- sandwich chef?- what would travel the best. He had a beard and San Francisco pallor and gave the question very serious consideration before offering a measured response. He was obviously an expert (albeit in an obscure subject), and I liked how seriously he treated his sandwich creations, which really were excellent- perfect rustic baguette, salty prosciutto, creamy fresh mozzarella and basil or arugula or something. Also I'd like to mention that the guards at the Legion of Honor did not care that we carried an entire box of wine into the museum. Later in the day after much time on buses and through different foggy microclimates, the guards at the De Young also did not care that we brought half a box of wine into the museum. Only in San Francisco, probably, god bless them. A pretty great day.

The Mission San Francisco

The Mission San Francisco Painting Dolores and 18th St Gentle gray light in The Mission. We waited at this bus stop for approximately 1 million years. Dolores and 18th. for sale

Industrial Landscape Painting

California Industrial Landscape Painting On the fringes of Little Italy- for sale
Little Italy in San Diego is a strange combination of things. There are excellent Italian restaurants and people at least pretending to be Italian. There are gleaming high rises and also tired old buildings like this one, which is abandoned and probably waiting to be turned into a gastropub or craft brewery.

Termite Tent on 30th St, San Diego

Termite Tent Painting San Diego 30th St North Park Another awesome termite tent in San Diego. buy now

Mission Hills San Diego Watercolor Painting

[caption id="attachment_4802" align="alignnone" width="500"]Mission Hills San Diego Watercolor Painting Black Friday? In San Diego, it was a gray Friday. Liquor store in the rain, painted from the Starbucks across the street. for sale[/caption]

Little Italy Warehouse San Diego

Little Italy San Diego Artwork Industrial Down by the Bay in Little Italy, San Diego. for sale

Villa Montezuma Painting San Diego

Villa Montezuma San Diego Victorian House Sherman Heights From the Oil Painters of America Paint Out earlier in the month. For sale
Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for this year. Pecan Pie Now, the pecan pie is in the oven, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow with family and friends. Thank you for joining me on my painting journey this year.
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