Weird Stuff

Sunday Laundry

Laundromat Painting At the Suds O Fun. This is today's Sunday Watercolor painting- similar to a version I did before, in the same seat at the laundromat. for sale

Fruit and Vegetable Garage, San Diego

Fruit and Vegetable Garage Horton Plaza Gaslamp San Diego A strange parking garage in downtown San Diego. for sale
Horton Plaza is pretty strange: five or six stories of open-air arcades and colonnades and zigzagging staircases, Gap stores and magnet schools, as postmodern as you could imagine and painted in the brightest oranges and pinks. This is the even stranger parking garage for Horton Plaza- The Fruit and Vegetable Garage. The garage is like something out of Escher, mazelike and disorienting and full of these colorful signs.

The Day All The Newspapers Came

The Day All The Newspapers Came We had a problem with the newspaper not being delivered. I called the paper a few times, then finally, one morning they brought ALL the newspapers. Buy now

Donna's Dead Grass

Donna's Dead Grass My friend Donna just moved to a new house, where the grass promptly died in intriguing shapes. She was upset, but I love it. Buy Now

Tulip Chairs Outside the Laundromat

South Park San Diego Painting Tulip Chairs Outside the Laundromat - buy now
A hot afternoon while my clothes did their thing in the laundromat. In South Park, San Diego.

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego OB - buy now
Where the road ends at the DANGER CLIFFS in The People's Republic of OB. No parking.

Mission Valley Target Store Painting

San Diego Mission Valley Target Store Painting The Mission Valley Target store, long and low at the end of its empty, early-morning parking lot. For sale

North Park Cottage

Cottage in North ParkCottage in North Park, San Diego
For sale A cottage in North Park, overhung by magnolia trees, in morning light. And if you looked the other way that morning, you saw this:
Orange Tabby Cat PaintingOrange Tabby Cat Painting
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