Still Life Paintings

Darling Onions of May

Red Onion Still Life Original Fine Art Painting Onions always make me cry... just like watching Bambi. Red onion still life painting. With this piece, I was trying to channel Chardin's kitchen still life paintings. This French painter was a true master of the European still life tradition. When you see his work, you feel like you could reach in and pluck out a peach... I aspire to that. Buy now

Nature Morte Aux Champignons

Mushroom Still Life Painting Original Art After rooting through the fridge, I got struck with an overwhelming urge to paint this mushroom. I bow to the gods of oil painting! Buy Still Life With Mushroom Painting

Still Life With Guava and Lemon

Still Life With Guava and Lemon Original Oil Painting by San Diego Artist Kevin Inman The makings of a top shelf guavarita. Original still life painting of a guava and a lemon. It smelled great while I was painting it, which took a couple of days. Inspired by Euan Uglow, I left the measuring marks visible in the finished piece. Buy now

California Wildflowers

Yellow California Wildflower Painting Original oil painting of yellow California wildflowers. I'm not sure what kind they are... are they poppies? SOLD. My Etsy Store

Kitchen Still Life With Garlic

Still Life Garlic Painting Original San Diego Art Original still life oil painting of a clove of garlic. Still Life With Garlic is for sale.

Still Life With Plums


Clementine Orange Original Still Life Fine Art Painting Original still life painting of two mandarin oranges. Clementine Still Life Painting is for sale.

Still Life With French Bread

Still Life With French Bread Baguette Painting Still Life Painting With French Bread Ah, delicious French bread... that turned hard as a rock so off to the Still Life Shelf it went! French Bread Still Life is for sale.

Still Life With Plum

Plum Still Life Painting Original California Art by Kevin Inman Still life painting with a single plum. The plums weren't ripe yet, so from the kitchen to the still life shelf they went! Plum Still Life Painting is for sale.
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