Still Life Paintings

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake Still Life Painting by Kevin Inman Art Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake is leaning. This is what happened. I wanted to do cake paintings, specifically, triangular slices of cake. These are surprisingly hard to find, because a lot of the bakeries are degenerate and sell square slices of cake. But I persevered. I went to all the supermarkets, all the bakeries. The urge was strong. Ralph's, I discovered, sells the coveted triangular cake slices. So I went to the store, I selected the prettiest slice of cake. I came home, the cake kept wobbling and falling over. So I trimmed the bottom off the cake and ate it, and then it leaned like this. Since this project started I have gained five pounds. It's your birthday, buy yourself some cake.

Yellow Cake Painting

Yellow Birthday Cake Painting Original Art This is the second slice of cake I attempted to paint... the first one got eaten. 5 x 7 inches, oil on linen on panel. Buy now

Cherry Blossoms

Flower Painting Cherry Blossoms Original Fine Art A flowering cherry branch. We lived in Japan when I was young, and I have so many fond memories of that beautiful country. For sale

Bed of Roses


Peach Still Life Original Oil Painting by Kevin Inman Art Trying to channel Chardin, the French still life master, again. When you look at one of his fruit still life paintings, you feel like you could reach in and feel the fuzzy skin of the peach. For sale

Green Apple

Yellow Freesia

Yellow Freesia Flower Still Life Painting Original Fine Art by Kevin Inman One of my favorite flowers. Buy now

Orangey Splorangey

Two Clementine Oranges Still Life Painting Original Fine Art by San Diego Artist Kevin Inman Good title, no? I like painting oranges. Buy Now

It's Not Easy Being Orange

Kitchen Clementine Oil Painting by Kevin Inman San Diego Artist For Sale. The North Park Festival of Arts went great yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. We met a lot of great people and sold some paintings. Only mildly crippled today. easel That's my easel set up just off Normal Street. Best name for a street ever.

Still Life with Baby Eggplants

Eggplant Still Life Kitchen Painting Original Fine Art I will admit this painting is kind of weird. Miniature eggplants look like what? Purple blobs. Both of the paintings I attempted this day were the same. The other one was a concha pastry. I'd wanted to paint a concha for ages and as soon as I wanted to paint one they were always sold out at the grocery store. Then I did paint it and it was relatively realistic but ... it also looked like a blob. Buy this weird thing
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