Still Life Paintings

Party Skull

Skull Still Life PaintingSkull Still Life Painting - For Sale
Just your typical skull in a princess hat.

Orange Ya Glad

Orange Ya GladOrange Ya Glad- Sold
Two clementines painted with a color triad. 12 x 16, oil on canvas.

Birthday Cake Painting

Chocolate Birthday Cake PaintingChocolate Birthday Cake Painting
Happy birthday to Rhonda! For sale

Pink Rose Bouquet

Painting of Pink Rose BouquetPainting of Pink Rose Bouquet
Pink roses in a blue vase. I rarely channel Van Gogh, but when I do... For sale

Robot Painting

Robot Still Life PaintingRobot Still Life Painting
My friend Julia sent me this robot. Robot painting is for sale.

Concha Still Life

Concha Still Life PaintingConcha Still Life Painting
Pan dulce from our local Sprouts. The first time I tried to paint a concha, it went badly wrong and just looked like a blob. Pastries aren't as forgiving of mistakes as, say, a piece of fruit. I propped it up in the back so you can't see the bite I took out of it. For sale

I Really Like Your Peaches

Peach Still Life PaintingPeach Still Life Painting
Two peaches on the shelf, with a drawing taped to the wall behind. I like organic still life compositions, where the painting just grows out of whatever objects happen to be on the table. I've got away from that idea recently, but I'd like to go back to it. Update: You know what, I think these were actually nectarines. They weren't fuzzy, they were slightly shiny, and they were more orange in color. They sold them as peaches though. Peach Painting is for sale.

Peaches Still Life Painting

Still Life With Peaches Painting Painting these peaches was a race against time and breakfast. Peaches Still Life Painting is for sale.

I'll Give You 2 Oranges

Orange Still Life Painting by Kevin Inman Art Here's a still life painting for you- two oranges. Buy now

Let Them Eat Cake!

Birthday Cake Painting by Kevin Inman Art White cake with coconut frosting, just like Marie Antoinette used to make. Buy now
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