Still Life Paintings

Glazed Donut Still Life Painting

Glazed Donut Still Life Painting Glazed Donut Still Life Painting- For Sale
Glazed donut from 7-11. I went through a phase of being fascinated by the complex topographies of the seemingly simple shapes of donuts.

Still Life with Mixed Fruit

Pineapple Orange and Watermelon Still Life Pineapple Orange and Watermelon Still Life Buy Now
This is the study for a larger painting, and every time I look at it I hear a Shakira song in my head that must have been playing while I worked on both pieces. The song goes "Solo tu something something." It's off the album "Donde Estan Los Ladrones" which is one of my go-to painting soundtracks.

Grapes For New Years

Grape Still Life Painting Still Life with Grapes - For Sale
A Spanish new year's tradition.

Macarons de Paris

French Macarons Painting Macarons painting- For Sale. I love macarons, and I have finally learned how to make them at home. So far, I have had some odd results in terms of shape but they were still very tasty. I've tackled raspberry and pineapple-chocolate. The ones in this painting were store bought at a great Korean bakery here in San Diego called Big Joy. I think the flavors were pistachio, strawberry, and cappuccino.

2 Clementines 2

Orange Still Life Painting Orange Still Life Painting - For Sale
This painting has a companion clementine still life painting that I posted a couple of days ago. Often I do still lifes on rainy days, and when wet weather lasts for a week, I do several paintings of the same objects. The colors in the two paintings aren't identical, but they are similar, and I like the way the two pieces look together.

Red Velvet Cupcake Still Life

Cupcake Still Life Painting Cupcake Still Life Painting - For Sale
I painted this one a while back. It was hard to paint this cupcake, because the entire time I wanted to eat it.

2 Clementines

Clementine Orange Still Life Painting Two Clementines- buy now
Two more clementines.

Plum Still Life Painting

Plum Still Life Painting Plum Still Life - Buy Now
The plums were not ripe, so I sequestered them in the painting studio. I love all the delicate purples and lavenders in the bloom on plums.

French Macaron Still Life Painting

French Macaron Still Life Painting A chocolate macaron - original still life painting - For Sale
Last year I went into a time of obsession with macarons, and I sampled as many as I could. I bought this chocolate one on a trip to Chicago.

Pistachio French Macaron

French Macaron Painting Macarons de Paris- For Sale
French Macarons... one of my favorite desserts. I'd say pistachio- like this one- is the best flavor, but it's so hard to choose! The macaron came from Big Joy Bakery in San Diego.
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