Still Life Paintings

Maneki Neko Painting

Maneki Neko Painting Japanese Beckoning Cat Maneki Neko - available
A Japanese Beckoning Cat, or Maneki Neko, said to bring luck and good fortune. This still life is painted after a Lucky Cat sculpture in the Mingei Museum in San Diego.

Peach Still Life

White Peach Still Life Painting White peach - buy now
This peach smelled great while I was painting it.

Red Velvet Cake Painting

Red Velvet Cake Painting Sloping cake- for sale
This slice of cake kept wobbling and falling over. So I trimmed the bottom off the cake and ate it, and then it leaned like this.

Pan Dulce Still Life

Concha Pastry Pan Dulce Still Life Painting Concha pastry - buy now
I love these things. Why does the concha appear to be floating? I propped it up in the back so I could see more of the top.

Donut Painting

Donut Painting Donut Bar San Diego Gnawed donut- for sale
Old fashioned glazed donut from Donut Bar in San Diego... delicious.

Easter Bunny Donut Painting

Donut Bar San Diego Easter Bunny Donut Painting Easter Donut - for sale
Glazed donut in the shape of the Easter Bunny, with Jelly Bean eyes. This is from a place in San Diego called Donut Bar, where you wait in line for an anxious eternity to get what are apparently THE BEST DONUTS IN THE WORLD. Donuts As you can see, I bought a few... Donut Painting Only painted this one though. The rest are slated for demolition tomorrow. Happy Easter!

Easter Peeps

Pink Marshmallow Easter Peeps Painting Pink Peeps - buy now
A gang of pink marshmallow Easter Peeps. There's a school of thought that color harmony alone can give you any light effect you need in a painting. The Impressionists and yadda yadda. I don't ascribe to that school; instead I bought a special color of paint that I thought would go to the perfect hot pink for these Peeps. Of course I don't want to drop $15 on the wrong color so I was on pins and needles until I got the tube home. And I was RIGHT!! Holbein Geranium Lake, if you feel a need, as I invariably do, to paint some pink peeps of your own.

French Macarons Still Life Painting

French Macaron Painting French Macaron Painting- for sale
French Macarons. Raspberry and Black Currant, I believe. It was difficult not to eat these. Whole Foods in Hillcrest just had a major makeover. Now they have a cafe with wine, coffee bar, juice bar... and a giant expanded selection of desserts! Including these macarons.

Easter Peep Painting

Yellow Easter Peep Painting Easter Peep - For Sale
Another fallen peep. Everyone's crazy about Anders Zorn right now and yes, this is the Zorn palette, only I switched in more Cadmiums- which I think he did too. But I've read so many contradictory things about his work that I have no way to know for sure.

Coconut Birthday Cake Painting

Birthday Cake Painting Coconut Cake- for sale
This is another from a brief but obsessive period when I painted baked goods, mostly slices of cake. Half of this slice got eaten, half of this slice got painted.
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