Still Life Paintings

Night Cheese

Toaster Oven Night Painting In the dark kitchen, cheese toast softly glows for sale

3 Clementines

Fake Jack O Lanterns Still Life

Jack O Lantern Still Life Oranges Too lazy to carve pumpkins, I instead drew faces on a pair of tangerines. For Sale

Skull Still Life Painting

Skull in a Hat Still Life Painting An oldie but it is Halloween, after all! For sale

Pink Roses Still Life Painting

Pink Roses Still Life Painting Rose bouquet- for sale
This is an older painting I found today and thought it wanted a few more dabs of paint.

Cat Donut from Donut Bar

Cat Donut Painting Cat Donut - buy now
Donut Bar in San Diego has become something of a sensation around here. I was there the first morning it opened! And I've been back every single other morning!!! (Not really, just about once per week is my limit but the donuts really are good.)

Orchids Still Life Watercolor

Orchid Still Life Watercolor Painting Pink Orchids - for sale
Painted this morning in my kitchen.

Maneki Neko Still Life Painting

Maneki Neko Still Life Maneki Neko Still Life - for sale
Often seen in sushi restaurants, the Japanese Beckoning Cat is said to bring fortune and good luck.

Half Eaten Donut Bar

Donut Still LIfe Painting After breakfast- for sale
A slightly nibbled, vanilla glazed buttermilk bar donut. From Donut Bar in San Diego.
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