Landscape Paintings

Rocks in Ocean Beach Painting

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego Rocks offshore in Ocean Beach, San Diego. for sale

Sunset Cliffs Plein Air, San Diego, CA

Sunset Cliffs San Diego Painting Oil Plein air painting in OB/ Point Loma, on a golden San Diego afternoon. for sale

San Diego Plein Air Landscape Painting

San Diego Plein Air Painting A hot winter afternoon in Mission Trails. Inland, the weather tends to be warmer. This is along the river, near some kind of Spanish colonial reservoir. for sale

San Diego Landscape Painting

Mission Bay Haze

Palm Trees Mission Bay San Diego California Painting Watercolor A small plein air watercolor from Mission Bay, last Sunday. for sale

Hillcrest in the Rain, San Diego

Hillcrest San Diego Painting Watercolor Hillcrest painted from the window at breakfast this morning. A break in the rain. for sale

San Diego Plein Air Painting

San Diego Landscape Painting Plein Air A plein air painting from earlier this week in Mission Trails. for sale

Plein Air San Diego Landscape

[caption id="attachment_5087" align="alignnone" width="500"]San Diego Landscape Painting Mission TrailsEarlier this week, I went to Mission Trails park to paint. I live downtown in the land of cooling ocean breezes. Out in the park it was very hot- which I should have expected due to the strangely warm winter... but I did not anticipate this. The perils of microclimates. for sale[/caption]

Even More Mountains in Temecula

Temecula California Landscape Painting One more from my recent trip. I think this is the last one from Temecula for now. for sale
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