Seascape Paintings

East Beach in Santa Barbara Painting

Santa Barbara Beach Painting East Beach - buy now
Painted on location on East Beach in beautiful Santa Barbara. East Beach Santa Barbara Someone asked why I mostly have paintings of East Beach. Well, the answer is we usually stay across the street at the Motel 6, which as I understand it once cost $6 per night. The thing is, when you are a painter and you are traveling, you really HAVE TO GO PAINT or you will go insane but you don't want to wreck everyone else's vacation. I try to compromise. So a typical Santa Barbara painting day is, I get up just before dawn and try to be on the beach as the sun is coming up, and then I have a solid five hours to paint before we move on to lunch or wine tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley. So I mostly, but not always, just walk across the street to East Beach. And I could probably paint on this beautiful beach every single day.

San Diego Sailboats Plein Air

Boat Painting Shelter Island Marina San Diego Plein Air Boats Plein Air- buy now
A nice sunny day at Shelter Island in Point Loma. A while back someone asked me to post in-progress shots. I mostly do that on my Facebook page (KevinInmanArt on Facebook) because it goes straight from my phone, but here goes. This painting is from Shelter Island in San Diego. Nothing special about my approach here. It's a typical alla prima painting starting from the white. I don't always work this way. I like to experiment. Plein Air in progress One rule I was taught in art school was, "never draw with a pencil" - as you can see I've disregarded that rule here. Actually the best piece of art advice I ever got was, "only follow advice if you are sure you understand it - and if you want to." So why do people say "don't use a pencil"? Two reasons that I can see- one, beginning students have a tendency to get too tight with the drawing and two, because if the pencil drawing is wrong, your whole painting will be off. But I say, do what works for you. Plein Air in progress So here I've completed the plein air, alla prima portion of the painting. The next step was to leave it in a stack of paintings for several weeks/months and then I pulled it out, touched it up, signed it, and here it is.

Crystal Cove Laguna Beach

Crystal Cove Laguna Beach Painting Crystal Cove- for sale
This day in Laguna Beach had incredible light and atmosphere- clear glassy water and a dramatic dark blue cloudy sky.

Mission Bay Painting San Diego

Fiesta Island San Diego Painting Mission Bay Fiesta Island - for sale
Today's plein air painting, painted on location at Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. Nice spot. Fiesta Island Plein Air

Ocean Beach Painting

Ocean Beach Landscape Painting San Diego Dog Beach - commission
This commission was based on an earlier plein air painting from the same spot- looking across the channel at Dog Beach from Mission Beach. I painted the plein air version on Dec 31, 2012 so it was officially my last painting of the year. Ocean Beach Painting More Ocean Beach Paintings for sale

Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Santa Barbara Beach Painting East Beach Twilight - commission
East Beach in the early evening- this commission is already sold to a wonderful collector, but here are more California beach paintings.

Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara California

Leadbetter Beach Santa Barbara Painting Leadbetter Beach- buy now
Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. I think it's also spelled Ledbetter Beach. Beautiful place.

East Beach Santa Barbara Plein Air

Santa Barbara Beach Painting East Beach- for sale
East Beach in Santa Barbara, California, in the morning. Painted on location on the beach.

Rocks at Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach Painting, San Diego, California Rocks - for sale
Painted yesterday on location in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Ocean Beach Painting Bit of a light glare on the painting, since I photographed it while still wet. Will have to try again when it's dry in a couple of days.

San Diego Sailboats

Sailboats water painting San Diego Shelter Island- for sale
Boats moored in the marina at Shelter Island/ Point Loma.
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