Seascape Paintings

San Diego Sailboat Painting

San Diego Sailboat Painting Sailboats on San Diego Bay- for sale
Sailboats in the late afternoon on San Diego Bay.

Crystal Cove Beach Cottage Painting

Crystal Cove Beach Cottage Painting Crystal Cove- buy now
Afternoon in Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach.

East Beach Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Painting East Beach afternoon - for sale
The bright, bright bleaching light of early afternoon.

Laguna Beach Painting

Laguna Beach Painting Oil Aliso Beach - for sale
Sunny Day in Laguna. I got really interested in the complicated shape of this rock, weathered into bulges and grooves.

Montecito Beach Painting, Santa Barbara

Montecito Beach Painting Santa Barbara California East Beach - ]for sale
Looking towards Montecito. Painted on location in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Crystal Cove Painting, Laguna Beach

Crystal Cove Laguna Beach Painting Crystal Cove Plein Air - for sale
A peaceful late afternoon on the beach at Crystal Cove. Painted on location, while chatting with a pair of Canadian vacationers.

Laguna Beach Painting

Laguna Beach Painting Laguna Beach Painting - for sale
Springtime in Laguna Beach, with the bluffs dotted with wildflowers.

Monarch Beach Painting, Dana Point California

Monarch Beach Painting Dana Point California Afternoon on the beach - for sale
Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California. I did a few open air paintings up and down the coast that day, and this studio painting is based on one of those.

Santa Barbara Beach Sunrise

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Sunrise Beach Dawn - for sale
Sunrise on Leadbetter beach in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.
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