Seascape Paintings

Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Butterfly Beach - for sale
Sunshine & palm trees in Montecito, CA.

Santa Barbara Beach Cliffs

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Leadbetter Beach at dawn- buy now
Dawn on the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara.

San Clemente Seascape Painting

San Clemente Seascape Painting Rocky Beach, San Clemente, California- buy now
Nice spot for a walk. My cousin came from out of state for a Disneyland trip, and we met him at a beachfront pizza place in San Clemente. Well not strictly beachfront, but you could see the water.

East Beach in Santa Barbara

East Beach Santa Barbara Painting Looking towards Montecito- for sale
On East Beach in beautiful Santa Barbara. Painted as a memory- time for another visit!

San Diego Sailboat

Sailboat on Mission Bay, San Diego Watercolor Painting Mission Bay- for sale
I painted this yesterday in Mission Bay.

Mission Bay San Diego Watercolor

Mission Bay San Diego Watercolor Mission Bay - buy now
Lately I've been noticing the signs of burnout with oil painting. The best cure for burnout for me is two things: plein air watercolor, since it's so fresh and relaxing; and a visit to the art museum. I'd like to go to LACMA, but it'll probably be a couple of weeks before I make the drive to LaLaLand. So today I hopped in the truck and felt the pull to Mission Bay. I'm always intrigued by the palms over the low flat roofs of the houses. It turned out to be the perfect choice; there were people playing beach volleyball, sailboats and jet skis, kids laughing, and a cool breeze off the water. A great painting day.

Crystal Cove Painting, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Painting Crystal Cove - buy now
In Crystal Cove, looking towards the ocean.

Torrey Pines, San Diego

Torrey Pines Del Mar Landscape Painting Afternoon light - for sale
Golden light in Torrey Pines, Del Mar, California. What I love about these trees is the way, when they are planted in certain places the wind sculpts them into undulating, twisting goblin shapes. They remind me of trees in a Japanese garden.

Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Santa Barbara Beach Painting East Beach, Santa Barbara.I love this beach, and I love this town. This is a larger studio painting from my most recent trip.
This painting is unavailable, but here are more Santa Barbara paintings for sale.

Star of India, San Diego Watercolor

Star of India, San Diego Watercolor Painting Star of India- available
The view from the San Diego County Building is incredible!
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