Seascape Paintings

Santa Barbara Beach Sunset

Santa Barbara Sunset Painting East Beach Evening - Commission, but here are more California seascape paintings for sale
Mellow sunset light at East Beach in Santa Barbara.

Laguna Beach Painting

Laguna Beach Painting Rocks at Crystal Cove - for sale
This is Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. Such an atmospheric day- dramatic clouds, glassy water, the whole 9 yards. It looked like a painting. ;)

Capistrano Beach, Dana Point California

Capistrano Beach Painting Capistrano Beach Painting - For Sale
Late afternoon haze at Capo Beach in Dana Point. I am a person who usually finishes my oil sketches into more elaborate paintings because I like them polished- but in this case, the loose treatment seemed to reflect the quality of the light. So I left it.

Sunset at the Crystal Pier, San Diego

Crystal Pier Painting Pacific Beach San Diego Sunset at the Crystal Pier- Buy Now
Sunset at the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego. There's a hotel with cottages on the pier- you can sleep right over the surf.

San Diego Bay Plein Air Painting

San Diego Bay Painting San Diego Bay Painting - for sale
An open air painting overlooking San Diego Bay, the airport, and Coronado from Mission Hills.

Santa Barbara Beach Sailboats Painting

Santa Barbara Beach Sailboats Santa Barbara Sparkle - buy now
A plein air painting standing on the beach in Santa Barbara. This was my last painting of the morning- and probably begun around 10:30 AM, before dashing off to a birthday celebration! May have been earlier though; I was out there at sunrise.

Santa Barbara Beach- Sailboats on a Gray Day

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Sailboats Santa Barbara Beach- Gray Sailboats - Buy Now
A misty morning on the beach in Santa Barbara, California.

Sunset on the Pacific

California Ocean Sunset Painting Sunset on the Pacific - Buy Now
Driving south to San Diego from Los Angeles, we stopped at an overlook to watch the sun go down over the ocean. Part of Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base with miles of preserved natural coastline.

San Elijo Lagoon Waterways

San Elijo Lagoon Painting San Elijo Lagoon Painting - For Sale
One more afternoon at the San Elijo Lagoon.

Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Santa Barbara Beach Painting - (sold but here are more seascapes)
This is where we're headed today! Looking forward to painting on the beach.
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