Seascape Paintings

San Diego Bay Sketch

North Island Painting San Diego This is a plein air study for a painting I'm trying to figure out, looking across the San Diego Bay at a military installation. NFS

La Jolla Seascape Painting

La Jolla Seascape Painting Clouds piled up above the Glider Port in Torrey Pines. for sale

San Francisco Bay from Russian Hill

[caption id="attachment_4860" align="alignnone" width="500"]San Francisco Painting Russian Hill Alcatraz San Francisco Bay from Russian Hill. I chose this vantage point because isn't that always the way? A gorgeous view with a tree in front of it. And in a way, it's better, more tantalizing. for sale[/caption]

Laguna Beach Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset Painting Crystal Cove Plein air painting on the beach in Crystal Cove, with the setting sun gilding the water. for sale

Ocean Beach Painting, San Diego

Ocean Beach Landscape Painting San Diego Palm trees and power lines in The People's Republic of O.B. for sale

Ocean Beach Painting, Bougainvillea in the Alley

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego Bougainvillea Powerlines I love big, wild bunches of bougainvillea, and I paint it whenever I can. buy now

Little Italy Warehouse San Diego

Little Italy San Diego Artwork Industrial Down by the Bay in Little Italy, San Diego. for sale
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