Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

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Hot Morning at Burnt Mountain

Southern California Mountains Landscape Painting Original landscape painting of the mountains north of San Diego, California. A bright, hot morning as we drove north through the mountains outside Escondido, California. The summer sky was thick looking with haze. We pulled over for me to do the pastel sketch I based this painting on. Buy this painting

Summer Morning in Temecula

Summer Morning in Temecula Original landscape painting based on a plein air drawing I did while we were visiting the Temecula Valley, California vineyards just north of San Diego. In addition to vineyards they grow a lot of citrus. It is just beautiful. We like to go up there for the day with a picnic. Buy this painting

An Alley in Hillcrest- Original Oil Painting

An Alley In Hillcrest A bright late summer morning near Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. Buy this painting

No Parking On The Hill, San Diego

Original Oil Painting of Hillcrest, San Diego A steep street near my house. Last year it caved in with a giant sinkhole, and they replaced the asphalt with big slabs of concrete, like a driveway. Buy this painting

Date Palms in Afternoon Light

Date Palms in San Diego That moment when the horizon just starts to turn a faint orange before afternoon becomes dusk. Off El Cajon Ave in San Diego. Buy this painting

What's on the Still Life shelf?

Still Life Shelf A still life with red onion. "I thought we had an onion?" he said. "We do." I replied.

Under The Redwoods

Under the redwoods I think we're outside the natural range of the coastal redwoods, but I've read they'll grow anywhere in California as long as you water them enough. These ones are irrigated in Balboa Park. I think they're amazing.

What's on the Still Life Shelf?

Still Life Shelf A crust of french bread. Hard as a rock and way too stale to eat.

What's on the Still Life Shelf?

Today we have a CSUEU- California State University Employees Union I think it means- plastic support bracelet. Union Support Bracelet

What's on the Still Life shelf?

The Still Life Shelf Today I've got a crystal skull in a satin princess hat on the still life shelf. Happy Friday!
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