Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Painter's blog

Tecolote Canyon

Vacant Lot in Hillcrest

San Diego Landscapes This lot backs onto Florida Canyon. I'd love to build a house here, or live here in a double wide. Buy this painting

Twilight in Hillcrest

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting Looking south along Park Blvd from the vacant lot where the BevMo burned down. Buy this painting

Summer Morning in San Diego

San Diego Landscape Paintings by Kevin Inman I began this landscape painting as a plein air sketch in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. Buy this painting

Sunrise on Cypress Ave, San Diego

Sunrise in San Diego Original Oil Urban Landscape Painting Sunrise urban landscape in Hillcrest, San Diego, California. A rare clear dawn in my neighborhood. We usually have fog, or at least that's my impression since let's face it, I'm not usually up this early. Buy this painting

Morning Bougainvillea in the Alley, San Diego

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting A steep alley running into one of the canyons near Balboa Park in San Diego. Buy this painting

Hot Afternoon Landscape in San Diego County

San Diego, CA landscape painting I began this landscape painting en plein air in Mission Trails Park in San Diego, California, and finished it in the studio. Buy this painting

Fog Rolling In At Nightfall, San Diego

Urban Landscape Hillcrest, San Diego, California One of the alleys in Hillcrest as a heavy nighttime fog rolls in off the San Diego Bay. Buy this painting

Purple House in Hillcrest

Urban Landscape San Diego I can't tell you how much I admire the purple paint on this modernist house in Hillcrest, San Diego, California. Buy this painting

Bougainvillea in the Alley- Oil Painting

Bougainvillea in the Alley This is one of the alleys just off Balboa Park in Hillcrest, behind beautiful older homes in a slew of styles- craftsman, streamline moderne, mission revival. A wonderful neighborhood. Buy this painting
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