Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

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Evening Mist Rising, San Diego

Mist rising over North Park, San Diego, California San Diego California urban landscape painting. Cowell's Mountain almost lost in the evening mist. In the foreground is an arched place that goes over University Ave and some odd-shaped 80s condominiums. Looking out over North Park from Hillcrest. Buy this painting

Sunset in San Diego

Landscape San Diego California Sunset in San Diego California urban landscape painting. A low landscape of ranch style houses and palms in Chula Vista. Sunset paints the sky as the indigo fog rolls in along the horizon. Buy this painting

Clouds in the Sky, San Diego- Original Oil Painting

California Landscapes Urban landscape painting of the rooftops of the North Park neighborhood. Looking out over the tree tops of North Park from an alley high on a hill in San Diego, California. Puffy little clouds out in the distance over the desert. I debated another sitting to develop the sky more, but decided against it. Buy this painting

Yellow Church on Normal Street

San Diego Urban Landscapes and Commissions Paintings San Diego California urban landscape painting. An old yellow church flanked by cypresses, palms, and regrettable 1990s architecture on Normal Street in San Diego. Original oil on canvas. Painted from an original pastel sketch from Park Blvd in Hillcrest. Buy this painting

View of the Pacific- Original Landscape Painting

San Diego Landscape Paintings San Diego, California. Pacific Ocean seascape painting. A view from the bluffs in the Sunset Cliffs area of San Diego. Buy this painting

Pacific at Carlsbad-Oil Painting

Pacific at Carlsbad Carlsbad California landscape painting. Along the coast north of San Diego in the late summer. The colors went soft on the Pacific Ocean as night began to fall along the southern California coast. Buy this painting

Fence on the Hill

California countryside original oil painting Original California landscape painting. As summer turns to fall the hillsides are golden with dry grass. Up in the Temecula wine country. Oil on canvas. Buy this painting

San Diego at Night

Purple Night in University Heights Original San Diego Urban landscape painting. A night landscape of lights spilling up the hillside opposite. Looking from Hillcrest over University Heights in uptown San Diego. I wore a headlamp and began the painting en plein air, then finished in the studio. Italian cypresses, old houses, and far-off palms. Buy this painting

Still Life with Garlic

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