Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Painter's blog

Coronado Seascape Painting

Seascape Painting Point Loma seen from the beach on Coronado.

Vintage Houses on the Hill

San Diego Paintings Hillcrest San Diego California urban landscape painting. Houses from I am guessing the 1910s or 1920s on the hill near my house in Hillcrest. SOLD. My Etsy Shop

San Diego Urban Landscape

San Diego California San Diego California urban landscape painting. North Park, San Diego seen from the Georgia Street (or is it Avenue?) bridge. Buy this painting

Night Fog in San Diego

San Diego Painting Dripping trees in the night fog along Park Blvd in Hillcrest. For sale

House in Hillcrest

Hillcrest Hillcrest San Diego California urban landscape painting. A mission revival house in Hillcrest, seen from the alley behind. For Sale

Urban Landscape in Hillcrest

Hillcrest San Diego Urban Landscape Urban Landscape, Hillcrest, San Diego- Original Oil Painting This is Cypress Ave looking toward the Greek Orthodox church and the neo-Renaissance style Embassy hotel.

San Diego Farmer's Market Painting

San Diego Urban Landscape Urban landscape painting of the old San Diego Farmer's Market, which is a pink modernist structure (from the 1920s?) connected to an older brick (Victorian?) structure. It is located at the edge of downtown and Barrio Logan. I'd been wanting to paint it for a long time but with the one way streets downtown I kept getting lost.

San Diego Seascape Painting

California Landscape Painting Cabrillo California landscape painting Painting of Cabrillo on Point Loma in San Diego, CA. Oil on wood. Buy on Etsy

Coronados Islands Plein Air Painting

I began this painting en plein air and finished it today in the studio.

Palms in the Fog

Palms in the Fog California urban landscape painting. We had a deep fog the other morning. I painted this from the front window.
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