Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

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Urban Landscape Painting, San Diego, California

San Diego Urban Landscape PaintingSan Diego Urban Landscape Painting
Urban Landscape, San Diego - Oil Painting This house and the garage- in the foreground- are Mission Revival in style, but due to the vantage point from the alley, they look like modernist white boxes. It is a strange but wonderful place. The front and sides are all different colors- pink and light green and taupe and beige for the different sides of the house and detached garage. But all close to pale so you don't see it at first. After the recent rains, the yard is a green and gold carpet of California wildflowers. Urban Landscape, San Diego - Oil Painting is for sale.

Ocean Beach, San Diego- Landscape Painting

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California landscape painting Original oil landscape painting of the purple Pacific Ocean, rolling white surf, and flat pale sand of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. I painted this from a pastel sketch while walking on the beach in the early evening, just before sunset. Such a beautiful evening. Ocean Beach, San Diego landscape painting is for sale.

Pink Bunny Easter Peeps Painting

Pink Bunny Easter Peeps Still Life Painting Still life painting of a pink bunny Easter marshmallow Peep leaning against the wall. Or is this Easter Peep standing alertly? I'm not sure. Easter Peeps Painting is for sale.

Pink Sky Palm Trees - Landscape Painting

Palm Trees in Mission Valley, San Diego, California Pink Sky Palm Trees - California Landscape Painting Landscape painting of 3 palm trees in silhouette against a night sky turned glowing pink from the lights of the stadium reflecting against the marine layer rolling in off the Pacific. This painting is from memory, trying to capture the colors of the evening landscape driving down towards Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, San Diego, California. When I got home, I did a study in pastels, and completed the oil painting the next day. SOLD. My Etsy Shop

Bougainvillea in Hillcrest- Urban Painting

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting Bougainvillea in Hillcrest- Urban Landscape Painting It is no secret that I am drawn to hot pink bougainvillea. I think it looks great and when I am able to afford my dream house I will plant it everywhere. So when I find a place with these flowers, I try to find a way to paint it. The winter color of the early morning light has already changed from when I painted this a couple of weeks ago. For sale

Sailboats in San Diego Bay

San Diego California seascape painting Sailboats in San Diego Bay- Original landscape painting On a perfect sunny California afternoon we headed to Cabrillo on Point Loma. Maybe the afternoon was too perfect- we waited in line for 30 minutes to pay and drive into the park. Point Loma curves around to make one side of San Diego Bay. On the other side is Coronado, which turns into the narrow Silver Strand and stretches down to the coast of Mexico in the back of the painting. Despite a hardcore cold ocean wind off the Pacific I got some sketching done. Such a beautiful spot. SOLD. My Etsy Shop

Pink Bunny Easter Peeps Painting

Easter peeps painting Marshmallow Easter Peeps Painting Last year I painted the classic pink chicken Peeps and this year I went for the bunny rabbit Peeps. Easter season is still young, so maybe I'll go back for another color. People love Easter Peeps or they hate them - I love the way they look. Easter Peeps Painting is for sale

Dana Point Drawing

Landscape drawing, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, California Drawing of Dana Point from the pier in San Clemente, California. We were trying to get to the outlet mall Saturday and my travel jinx* took over. Every time we tried to get to the 5 South we wound up on the 5 North. So we headed north along the California coast, aiming for San Juan Capistrano, but then we decided on beautiful San Clemente instead. *This happens from time to time- though usually when I am driving- and I wind up going in huge circles before finally winding up somewhere I may not have intended to go, but where it turns out I am glad to be.

Glazed Donut Still Life Painting

Donut still life painting Still life painting of a glazed donut. We had bad weather in San Diego last week so I stayed inside painting baked goods, hoping for some California sunshine. Buy this painting

Point Loma Lighthouse

lighthouse The lighthouse and coast guard station on Point Loma. There are two lighthouses, one high on the bluffs and this one, low near the water line. SOLD. My Etsy Shop.
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