Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Painter's blog

Night Cheese

Toaster Oven Night Painting In the dark kitchen, cheese toast softly glows for sale

San Diego Chaparral Landscape

San Diego Landscape Painting California Golden afternoon in the chaparral of Florida Canyon. buy now

Downtown Fireworks

San Diego Fireworks Painting Ah, city life. A peaceful night shattered by earth shaking booms... too soon for Armageddon, it must be fireworks. for sale

Termite Tent, North Park San Diego

Termite Tent North Park San Diego Painting A beautiful striped termite tent in North Park, maybe it was South Park. Over by the park anyway. for sale

Vending Machines

Vending Machines Painting Vending machines at the Motel 6 in East Beach, Santa Barbara. Kind of a family joke, I guess. for sale

Rainbow Bridge over I-15

Rainbow Bridge Painting, aka Lilac Bridge San Diego A color study for a commission I'm working on. Just playing around really, trying to see what works. This is the Rainbow Bridge/ Lilac Bridge over the 15 freeway in Fallbrook. for sale

San Diego Sunset

Sunset San Diego Urban Landscape Painting
My studio view, looking west over the towers of downtown. (I also have a north facing window in my studio.) So I wanted to paint this one because it seemed a little less typical than sundown in a pretty countryside and I liked the weird backlighting on the skyscrapers. for sale

Bougainvillea in San Diego

Bougainvillea in Hillcrest San Diego Garden Painting Flowers tumbling over a fence in Hillcrest. for sale

Bright Horizons, Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego Landscape Trash Cans Backlit recycling bin, trash can and something else- lawn clippings bin? Afternoon light in O.B. For Sale

Santa Ynez Valley Vineyard Painting

Santa Ynez Valley Winery Landscape Painting Bridlewood Watercolor Painted after a picnic lunch in the Santa Ynez Valley, above Santa Barbara. Buy now
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