Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

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Ocean Beach Pier, Gray Day

[caption id="attachment_5001" align="alignnone" width="500"]Ocean Beach Pier Painting San Diego We've had unusually warm- for January- and sunny weather lately. Winter Santa Ana winds, I think is why. But today, gray, cool, and "rainy"- a few sprinkles. for sale[/caption]

Termite Tent Painting

Termite Tent Painting San Diego Palm trees and "autumn leaves" - happening in December/ January here in SoCal. In San Diego's North Park neighborhood. for sale

Santa Barbara Sunset Palms

Barrio Logan Sketch

Barrio Logan Painting San Diego Scouting locations for paintings. This sketch is from the upper floor of Logan Heights library. for sale

Coronado Streetscape- San Diego Watercolor Painted from breakfast in Coronado this morning. for sale

Sunset Over Downtown San Diego

San Diego Cityscape Painting A marine layer rolled in over downtown towards sunset. This is my attempt to paint those light effects from Grant Hill Park. Buy now

Ledbetter Beach, Morning Light Effect

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Ledbetter Cliffs From my last painting trip to Santa Barbara before New Year's. for sale

Laguna Beach Landscape Painting

Laguna Canyon Landscape Painting Looking towards the water in Crystal Cove state park. for sale

Radiator Place on Imperial

6 Years Ago in Virginia

Virginia Landscape 2008
6 years ago in Virginia, this was the view off my back deck. I painted this at the tail end of grad school. Just found it randomly yesterday. NFS.
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