Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Painter's blog

San Diego Alley Landscape Painting

[caption id="attachment_5063" align="alignnone" width="500"]South Park San Diego Landscape Painting Urban For Sale A peaceful alley on Trash Day in South Park, San Diego. I like Trash Day, well I like it every two weeks when they collect recycling, because I think the blue recycling bins are pretty.[/caption]

Tales of the City Walking Tour

Russian Hill Painting San Francisco Swensen's Swensen's Ice Cream in Russian Hill. for sale
Like every sane person, I love San Francisco and its many charms. On my latest trip I decided to just go ahead and indulge my nerdy aspect and explore Russian Hill, where so much of the Tales of the City novels took place. A Google Maps search did not return a Barbary Lane, but I was glad to see the Searchlight Market and Swensen's Ice Cream- pictured here- both of which were featured in the books. Swensen's showed up in Mary Ann in Autumn, which I highly recommend. I did not get any ice cream, which I now regret.

Market Street Needs Paving

[caption id="attachment_5057" align="alignnone" width="500"]Market Street San Diego Painting Victorian Houses for sale Market St in San Diego, at the bus stop to points uptown. I live around here. I started this painting and then went back after probably a couple of weeks and the big green apartment building had suffered a fire in one of the upstairs units. The scorched part wasn't visible from this vantage point, but it was a weird feeling. [/caption]

University Avenue in Hillcrest

Hillcrest Painting San Diego Art This morning's plein air mixed media painting on the University Ave Starbucks patio. for sale

Uptown Laundromat View, San Diego

A small plein air watercolor/acrylic in Hillcrest, San Diego. This is the front view from my Saturday go-to spot: the laundromat.

Torrey Pines Painting, Del Mar

Del Mar Torrey Pines Painting Seascape Gentle gray light in Del Mar, CA. for sale

Lake Murray San Diego Painting

Lake Murray San Diego Plein Air Painting A plein air painting of Lake Murray in San Diego. for sale

San Francisco Painting, Nob Hill

Nob Hill Painting San Francisco A beautiful day in San Francisco. for sale

The Blue Patio

Patio Painting San Diego My friend has this great patio at her place. for sale
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