Kevin Inman is a landscape painter in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Painter's blog

Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Eucalyptus Trees, Balboa Park Painting

[caption id="attachment_4789" align="alignnone" width="450"]Eucalyptus Trees Balboa Park San Diego Art I love painting in the Eucalyptus groves in Balboa Park, full of rustling leaves and dappled light and shadow. for sale[/caption]

San Diego Skyline Painting

San Diego Skyline Painting Golden Hill View of Downtown San Diego painted from Golden Hill Park. for sale
Great views from this park- I love the crisscrossing freeways and the skyscrapers.

Monarch Beach, Dana Point Painting

Woods in Balboa Park, San Diego Landscape Painting

Balboa Park Landscape Painting San Diego In the green light of the trees- buy now

Temecula Landscape Painting

Temecula, California Landscape Painting Fence + hills in Temecula, CA. for sale

Fall Leaves, San Diego Painting

Fall Leaves Painting San Diego Landscape Yellow leaves by the San Diego River. We have beautiful autumn weather in December, and I painted this on location last year, and found it in the cabinet a few days ago. I felt like it just needed a little more work and it would be ready to go. Here's the final result.Buy now

Virginia Landscape Painting

Blacksburg Virginia Landscape Painting Early fall in the New River Valley, Virginia. for sale

San Diego Fall Leaves Landscape

San Diego Fall Landscape Painting Autumn leaves in Mission Trails Park, plein air. for sale

San Diego Coronado Bridge Watercolor

San Diego Coronado Bridge Watercolor Painting This morning we took donuts to the bay. This is the painting (for sale).
Donut Bar And these are the donuts.
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